Why Small Business Should Maximize the Power of Internet

The internet and the web have been around for quite some time, but up to now its power has never been fully harnessed. People are still discovering many ways on how a small business owner can fully use its potentials. With the power of internet coupled with marketing and advertising ideas, you will find your business growing in no time. And here below are some of the influence of the internet in your business that might convince you to invest for your business’ future.

Internet’s Effect on the Global Market and Small Business


Product Development

Prior to the advent of the Internet, information traveled around the world via telephone, television or print. Large businesses that were working on advances in technology would have access to the newest information, but small businesses would have to hunt for the information on their own. The Internet has allowed small businesses instant access to any new product developments and technological advances that can help improve their products and compete with larger companies.

Information Exchange

The way that small businesses exchange information has changed drastically since the Internet has become popular. Small businesses did not have the financial resources to arrange large meetings with suppliers or developers that would require air travel and accommodation expenses. Now, through email, online video conferencing and document-exchange websites, small businesses can collaborate with developers and vendors all over the world inexpensively and with a full exchange of necessary information.

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One of the more significant effects that the Internet has on global markets for small business is the ability for small businesses to reach an international audience for a very low cost. A corporate website can become a marketing resource for a company that can be accessed by anyone in the world. Social networking websites allow companies to interact with millions of potential clients worldwide at no cost.


The Internet allows small business owners to be more mobile by making it easier to manage a business from anywhere. A small business owner on a business trip can stay in real-time contact with his office through an online chat function and exchange important documents with anyone from any location in the world. The Internet has allowed small business owners the freedom to pursue business opportunities while still maintaining control over their businesses. Source…

Aside from the known reasons why you should be utilizing the internet as listed above, you should consider internet marketing and the use of the internet as an investment for the future of your business. You might not be able to see the use of it now, but in the future, you will surely enjoy what will reap from what you will be sowing today.

Unlocking the Power of Internet Marketing, Three Essential Steps

With the coming of technology and various platform for advertising and marketing, internet marketing has been one of the most popular method being used today. However, not all people or businesses may be successful in this particular form of immersion. There are certain things to be acknowledged and put into consideration, before you starting venturing into the realm of internet marketing. To give you a head start, here below are some tips regarding the power of internet marketing as applied to your small or local business:

Harness the Power of Internet Marketing


Getting on Top of Google – Can You Say That in English, Please?

I remember when I met my first Internet marketing salesman. His entire pitch was to take my company to page one of Google. To be honest, I didn’t understand a word he said. Learning a foreign language was easier. Instead of hearing “top of Google,” you should be hearing, “To generate more leads, be first in the minds of people looking for chiropractic services, and ultimately generate more patients.” This is the primary goal of Internet marketing. All the fancy techno-jargon relates to this goal. If you understand this, your job (entering the marketing realm) is halfway done.

Relationship Management – Why Negative Comments Can Destroy a Clinic Brand

We all know the old saying, ‘If someone loves your services, they will tell a few people. If they have a bad experience, they’ll tell 100 people.” As business owners, we learn fast how to handle disgruntled patients (and sometimes disgruntled ex-employees). Now imagine that person posting their negative comments online. That comment will stay there forever if you don’t take the right action.

Now imagine if that person not only posted it on some review site, but also to everyone they know. Welcome to the world of Facebook and Twitter. A negative message can travel like wildfire online. The Internet is a place where a brand can be destroyed, but if managed correctly, it can be a medium that can elevate you above your competition.

Let Your Success Go Viral

Online relationship management online allows you to know in real time what others are saying about your business. You can easily set “alerts” online for whenever someone looks for you or mentions your business. That way, you can quickly address any negative comments. You can also see the positive comments and improve or enhance what you are currently doing in your practice.

Most businesses will never be able to get rid of negative comments. However, if you take action, you can increase the number of positive reviews. Set a system in your office today for identifying patients who have experienced excellent service and quality of care. It can be as easy as asking them to post their experiences on review sites.

Look at what positive reviews can do. If your clinic location has two reviews and one is bad, you have a 50 percent positive rating. If you have one bad review and nine good ones, you have a 90 percent positive rating. Notice how the negative effect of that one review is offset by the positive ones? Although you won’t get rid of negative reviews altogether, you can minimize their damage to your clinic brand and image. Source…

If you will stumble with some issues or concern regarding your internet marketing campaign, you should have some contingency plans ready. And if you wanted to improve your internet marketing experience for higher conversion, it would be good to let experts help you with the particular method of marketing as applied to business, your business.